Problem:pycharm cannot auto-hintting with plotly

very glad to join plotly community
i’m trouble in typing plotly codes with pycharm

import plotly.graph_objs as go
go…there’s no hinting…

anybody here have ever met this situation?
very thankful to see your suggestions

Hey there,

I experience the same problem with 4.0
Smart completion is not working with plotly.graph_objects.
It does work with

yes,it works well while i type in console. so i need to type for twice. i search in the internet. it seems that the object type needs to be announced, i tried and it doesn’t work. now i still plot with matplotlib

Nice to meet you! Do you have any solutions?? It’s very inconvenient.

I have no solution yet to this problem.
There is a github issue made:
It seems to work for @jmmease, but we are definitely not the only ones with this issue.

i read the topic.and the link in the topic . i have rewritten the and it does work. my pycharm edition is 2017.3 CE