Previous page drop-down appears on current page after navigation

Hello Team,

I am working on the Multipage Dash Application. I have drop-downs on each page to filter the reports.
whenever I am navigating from one page to another page then sometimes previous page dropdowns are appearing on current page. Once we refresh complete URL the dropdowns appear appropriately.

Please help if to get rid of this behavior of Dash.

Hi @Devendra, welcome to the Dash community :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t seen that happen. Can you make a minimal example that reproduces the issue?

Hello @AnnMarieW ,

This is not happened frequently whenever data loaded in the application the application performance slows down and this problem occurs.

We have data size almost 50 Lakh, we are loading from Oracle database.

Hello @Devendra,

This could be related to how Dash updates things, it does so via a post request and then renders the changes back to the client.

You can check your browser’s console log to see if there is an error that you are encountering when switching between pages.

If there is no error, the client (browser) may be running out of memory or something to render all the stored updates. In this case, maybe look into splitting your data from the layout and instead update it via a callback.