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Prevent the word "Trace" appearing in annotations

Hi all,
I am building as test in the hope that we can use plotly.
I need a multi line with points annotated along the line.
I found a sample that I have begun to play with. "Main sources for news.
I can not find out how why the annotations that appear on hover are labelled trace 1, trace 2, etc
I am hoping to show users a label for each line and if we do further label it in annotations then surely the line label is what I would want to show them

Can anyone advise?



Those are the default trace "name" value. You can override them as in or choose not to display them on hover by setting hoverinfo: 'x+y+text' in both your traces.

That did it. You are a gent.

Still need help if possible. Renaming the traces didn’t look right because of their positioning.
I tried colouring them to match trace but gave up on that. I don’t think it will solve the problem anyhow.
I added legend and that looks like a solution except:

The legend has two entries for each trace e.g.;

Any idea how I can stop this behaviour.
I just want readers to be able to easily associate the label with the trace, but when several traces have beginning values close together, it is hard to see. The colours and a clean colour coded legend would do the trick.

Any advice?