Preserve label colours in interactive plotly dendrogram

I want to plot an interactive dendrogram in R where the leaves (labels) are colored according to some rule, and the colours are preserved in an interactive plotly chart.

To produce the dendrogram, I use the following code


bigcars <-mtcars[mtcars$cyl == 6 | mtcars$cyl == 8,] # we will use 6 or 8 cylinder cars only
hc <- hclust(dist(bigcars))                                           # cluster the data

# set colours by number of cylinders
bigcars$colours <- ifelse(bigcars$cyl == 6, "green", "red")

# create and colour a dendrogram
dend <- as.dendrogram(hc)                                   # create the dendrogram
label_colours <- bigcars[labels(dend), "colours"]     # create vector of colours for dendrogram leaves
dend <- set(dend,"labels_col", label_colours)          # add color attribute to dendrogram leaves

Plot the dendrogram:

# 1. base plot of dendrogram

# 2. plotly plot of dendrogram
plot_dendro(dend, height = 600, xmin =-200 ) %>% 
  hide_legend() %>% 
  highlight(persistent = FALSE, dynamic = F, 
            on = "plotly_hover", color = NULL) 

The base plot of the dendrogram shows the coloured labels correctly. However, the plotly plot shows the labels dimmed in black; hovering over the plot undikms the labels, but the colors are still black. Setting the color argument to a vector of colours and/or setting dynamic to T doesn’t help either.

How can I create an interactive dendrogram with different coloured labels? Thanks for any help.