'presentation':'markdown' ERROR

Hi Community,

I’m facing a series of errors after updating the Pyton pakages, errors that do not happened before.
One of them is related to the ‘presentation’:‘markdown’ condition of the column of a datatable:

    columns=[{"name": "Reports", "id": "Reports", 'type': 'text', 'presentation':'markdown'}],

The error message is:

This error disappears when I delete the ‘presentation’:‘markdown’ option. But I need it in order to activate the Links showed in that column.

I dont understand why is expected one of [“input”, “dropdown”]

Thanks for your help.

@Eduardo - Have you tried upgrading Dash? You might be on a version before this feature was introduced

Hi Chris,
I’m using the last version,

But perhaps you are right and I did something wrong when I updated all the python packages together.
I will check,