Possible to set the size of plot content?

Hi, currently the plot’s width is resized automatically depending on for example the legend. I wonder if it’s possible to set a width on the plot content so that it’s not affected by the legend, i.e., they have a hard set limit width. (With the plot content I mean this


The reason I’m asking this is that I want to compare two plots (one at the top and one at the bottom). If putting two plots as subplots into one figure can make them equal in size then I’m willing to try that out too. For example, they share the same x-axis - then they for sure have the same plot size, however, I would not want operations (such as zooming) to affect both plots, so zooming on the above plot won’t affect the bottom plot. Is this approach possible?

Hello everyone,

I am facing the same problem. I need to have the size of the “pure” plot area without axes/ticks etc. to show a correctly scaled image (in millimeters).

Unfortunately, there is up to now no solution available. A very similar problem was described in Topic 1, however, the solution does not entirely address the problem since the domain property still uses the width including the axes.

Is there any possibility to access the width of the acutal plots excluding the axes?