Possible problem in line 118375 of the new plotly-2.18.0.js

Context, I’m running a mac so I’m not sure the ASCII codes might get a little mixed (I usually prefer windows or ubuntu but I work with what tools I’m given…)

So I just loaded the new plotly because I was having trouble with the ‘navigation bar’ you can create on plots and thought the new one might have updated on that problem.

So plug and play, changed the reference on my html page to work with the new plotly-2.18.0.js, previously working with plotly.2.16.1.min.js, and I get the error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token (at plotly-2.18.0.js:118375:34)

Checking out that line of code in the browser it comes out as:

var ε = 1e-6, ε2 = ε * ε, π = Math.PI, τ = 2 * π, τε = τ - ε, halfπ = π / 2, d3_radians = π / 180, d3_degrees = 180 / π;

but checking int VSCode (my IDE) it is:

var ε = 1e-6, ε2 = ε * ε, π = Math.PI, τ = 2 * π, τε = τ - ε, halfπ = π / 2, d3_radians = π / 180, d3_degrees = 180 / π;

So all my π values seem to be translated as Ï€ and my ε are ε

The error complaint comes from the euro symbol .

Is this a potential issue I should report to the git or am I just being silly…?

edit: Okay so the line exists in plotly-2.16.1.js but not plotly-2.16.1.min.js

edit2: Okay switching to plotly-2.18.0.min.js it ‘works’ but there’s some strange issue with the markers… where they’ve turned from points to symbol with some of the text inside the tag beginning with â.

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do you still see the error when loading the script with a charset attribute?

<script src=“plotly.js” charset=“utf-8”>

Tried that, it fixed the interpretation problem but the other problem I’m handling (trying to use the navigation bar with a 3D plot) still doesn’t work with the latest plotly version…

Agreed, I had this same issue and could only fix it by rolling back a few versions.