Positioning radial text

Below is some demo code that illustrates the problem. In brief, I have annotation text of different length that is rotated to be in alignment with lines originating from the origin.

I want to be able to specify the precise position so that the text touches a specific circle. At present, the text is centered on the coordinate. When I try adjusting the coordinate for the length of the text, it remains inconsistent.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

from plotly.offline import iplot
import numpy

r_2_d = numpy.pi / 180
d_2_r = numpy.pi

def polar_2_cartesian(θ, radius):
    radians = θ * r_2_d
    x = numpy.cos(radians) * radius
    y = numpy.sin(radians) * radius
    return x, y

def get_annotation(theta, radius, text, pad=0.1):
    radius = radius + pad
    if 90 < theta <= 270:
        textangle = 180 - theta
        textangle = 360 - theta
    x, y = polar_2_cartesian(theta, radius)
    result = dict(x=x,
    return result

text = ['one', 'something longer', 'single', 'middle', 'AB']
length = 2
lengths = [length] * len(text)

num_tips = len(lengths)
degree_sep = 360 / num_tips
cum_degree = [i * degree_sep for i in range(1, num_tips + 1)]

# make sure figure has 1/1 aspect
scale = 2
scatter = dict(type='scatter', x=[], y=[])
layout = dict(annotations=[],
                  width=800, height=800,
                   xaxis=dict(range=[-length*scale, length*scale]),
                  yaxis=dict(range=[-length*scale, length*scale]))

for θ, radius, txt in zip(cum_degree, lengths, text):
    x, y = polar_2_cartesian(θ, radius)
    scatter['x'].extend([0, x, None])
    scatter['y'].extend([0, y, None])
    a = get_annotation(θ, radius, txt, pad=0)

markers = dict(type='scatter', x=[0.74, 1.06], y=[0, 0], mode='markers')
iplot(dict(data=[scatter], layout=layout))

I’ve fixed this myself. Compute the maximum text length, left justify text with x < 0, right justify text with x > 0