Point dragging NOT working anymore

I wanted to edit graph points with mouse drag and from this thread Moving the location of a graph point interactively I got this nice JS code from here http://bl.ocks.org/niclasmattsson/7bceb05fba6c71c78d507adae3d29417. It is a nice code and working properly and I used part of the code in my project. But from today this code isn’t working anymore. After some debugging it turns out the programme get stuck in side the loop of the updatePointHandles() function.

So, whats going wrong here now ? It was working fine till yesterday. Is anything changed at Plotly API ? Please anyone help me with this.

.scatterlayer .trace:last-child path {
    pointer-events: all;

won’t work anymore

This is how a scatter trace looks like now:


So something like

.scatterlayer .trace:last-child .points path {
    pointer-events: all;

should do the trick.

I changed as you said … But its still not working.

Well the problem was the poinstcontainer was not getting anything in path so from
var pointscontainer = figurecontainer.querySelector(".scatterlayer .trace:last-of-type g");
I changed to this
var pointscontainer = figurecontainer.querySelector(".scatterlayer .trace:last-of-type .points");
and its working fine now.

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