Plotting sensor data

I am using Arduino Mega and 3 ACS712 sensors which are giving me sensors data. I have attach the Arduino with my computer (Windows 10). I am recieving the data on the serial port using python. I am able to plot the data using python but i want to make interavtive and i want to have dropdown where user can select which graph he want to view.
graph is against the time.

Hey, this sounds like a great use case for Dash. I would first start by reading through the user guide. It has some examples that will help get you started, and should cover most of what you need for an app like this. If you have any specific issues or questions along the way, definitely post them here :slight_smile:

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Thanks allot but I went through the dash documentation and didnot got much information if someone can help me will be much appreciated.


this guy

have made a great tutorial, especially working with sensor data (he makes generators, but it should work the same with live data) - If you have no experience at all, there is a 5 video series all about Dash, I would recommend watching them all. and you would definitely have an idea on how to attack your case.

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