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Plotting Pandas Multiindex Series


I am trying to plot a Pandas Series which is derived from a larger dataframe. The final Series is turned out to be something like this:

Out[23]: df
element  number year  week
RESERV   57   1968     1       938.0
                       2       938.0
                       3       938.0
                       4       938.0
                       5       938.0
RESERV   57   1999    48      938.0
                      49      938.0
                      50      938.0
                      51      938.0
                      52      938.0
Name: RESERV 57, dtype: float64

The mutli-index is not datetime object (or any date-related values, just numbers for specific reasons). I want to plot the x-axis using the ‘year’ and ‘week’ values and y-axis with the values of the Series. The years should be shown only once in every 52 weeks.

How is it possible? I could not find anything like this…


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Hi, and thanks for writing in.

This seems like more of a pandas issue. What I would do is create a single index rather than having a multi index with year. You can use df.reindex() to get rid of the hierarchy, and then generate a new column to contain the date. Then, you can simply access df['date'] and df['value'] in plotly, and set your axis settings to get the date you want displayed.

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Hi Charley,

Thanks for the note. This seems the only approach now. It would be cool if dash could handle the MultiIndex Pandas Series/Dataframes as well.

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