Plotting "dynamic parameter" surfaces

I need to plot 3D surfaces which involves computation of the “z” value from a formula involving various parameters. For generating this plot, the computed “z” value goes on the z-axis, whereas I pick up 2 parameters at a time (out of the various parameters involved in the computational formula) for representation on the x and y axes.

I generated sequences for the variables to be plotted on the x and y axes, and have been able to successfully plot the surfaces. However, I need to analyse as to how my “z” value (which is a function of all the other parameters) changes as I manipulate the values of the other parameters (obviously not including the 2 parameters represented on the x and y axes).

So I need a slider in which when I manipulate the value of a parameter, a user defined function is called, which computes the new “z” value based on my defined formula and dynamically updates my surface plot.

Is there a way out to do so?