Plotting an Event Timeline

Hi there,

I have some data which has an x-column containing time information and a y-column containing various enumerated events.

Ultimately I would like to plot the events from multiple units on the same chart…maybe even a 3d chart?

Can some one suggest the best way to present this information on plotly?
Best Regards


Hi Andy,

I would represent time (X-axis), units (Y-axis), and type of event with colors.
Something like:

plot_ly(data = … , x=…, y=… , mode = “markers”,
color = events , colors = c(“green”,“yellow”,“orange”,“red”,“blue”)).

Try it

I forgot to add I am a complete newbie to Plotly.

Could you explain in more simple terms?

I would try because I am newbie too.

I use R. I would create a data frame.

This means, create 3 columns one for time, one for unit, one for event.
Time Unit Event
167 6 1
167 7 1

1732 1 2

Once you have created, the data frame

ot_ly(data = dataframe , x=Time , y=Unit , mode = “markers”,
color = events , colors = c(“green”,“yellow”,“orange”,“red”,“blue”))

Better ? If not I would re-explain it again