Plotting a very long time-series data

Is there a way we can plot a very long time-series data which is more than the RAM of 16GB I have. This time series is worth 30 GB.

Of course, I used go.scattergl to plot a large data via WebGL. But I am not sure there is a way I can handle data which is more than RAM?

I thought there is way I can update the already plotted layout on .html file corresponding to plot of few initial points of this time-series I have but I think it overwrites it rather than update it.

Hi @abinashsinha330,

Iā€™d highly recommend using Datashader for this purpose. See for the datashader documentation for time-series data.

You can then display the datashader output in plotly by following along with Note that this uses FigureWidget and is intended for use in the Jupyter notebook.

Hope that helps!

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