Plotting a stacked bar chart with multiple variables

Hi, I have a dataframe as shown below

Season  Phylum          Assigned    Yield
1   Acidobacteria       157363      High
1   Ignavibacteriae     15158       Low
1   Gemmatimonadetes    16408       High
2   Actinobacteria      143507      High
2   Chloroflexi         252391      Low
3   Cyanobacteria       172041      High
3   Firmicutes          74769       High
3   Acidobacteria       222991      Low
3   Bacteroidetes       280246      Low

Is it possible to get a stacked bar chart that look something like this?

So far, i managed to only achieve the bar chart attached below using edited dataframe(by combining the columnsβ€™β€œSeason” & ''Yield". That too with x-axis splitting the first bar (1-H) into two different stacked bars

#edited dataframe;
Phylum	Assigned	Yield
Acidobacteria	157363	1-H
Candidatus Rokubacteria	0	1-H 
Bacteroidetes	130654	1-H 
Acidobacteria	222991	1-L
Candidatus Rokubacteria	0	1-L
Bacteroidetes	280246	1-L
Ignavibacteriae	23158	1-L
Acidobacteria	270764	2-H
Bacteroidetes	174637	2-H
Ignavibacteriae	39927	2-H
Gemmatimonadetes	38810	2-H
Nitrospirae	30273	2-H
Acidobacteria	135782	2-L
Bacteroidetes	156995	2-L
Acidobacteria	188891	3-H
Candidatus Eisenbacteria	0	3-H
Ignavibacteriae	13159	3-L
Gemmatimonadetes	17595	3-L

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.ticker import PercentFormatter, MultipleLocator
import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("./root-phylum-abundance.csv",sep='\t',header=0)

#using plotly
import as px
fig =, x="Yield", y="Assigned", color="Phylum", title="Long-Form Input")

Help will be much appreciated. Thank you