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Plotly with react and redux?

Just curious if anyone has ran into any serious issues for implementing a SPA using Plotly + react + redux? I have seen a the pokedex example stating Plotly was looking at using react + flux, and also the plotly issue here stating that react + plotly was not planned for this year. So I’m curious if you have found a serious roadblock (performance issues?) or something else that you could share of why a Plotly + react + redux app would be a good thing to try now or not.

I’ve also been looking for some info on react + d3 to get a better idea on how this integration might occur.

I built an app recently react + flux, but wanted to move to redux as I get ready to build a different application that will be a little heavier on graphics and controls. For plotting real time streaming data, I’m looking at using Plotly. For all controls, API data fetching, state, etc. I’m planning on react + redux.

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