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Plotly v4 Dash Offline Map

Hi There,

I am currently trying to create a map inside an offline server
I have used go.Scattermapbox and the thing is the map does not load

I get the dots scattered around but without a map
I also tried to use scattergeo, but I only get a blank graph

How do I get the map to show without access to the Internet?

Hi @waterwheel James
Did you get a mapbox token?

Hi @adamschroeder

Yes I have acquired a token

And I am also using the style = ‘white-bg’

Which deos not actually need a token?

mapbox layers (those that require a token) do not work offline - they make external api calls to mapbox to get their layers.
if you have internally available mapping servers, then you can apply your own mapping base layer URLs by following this guide

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As @chriddyp notes, you need a server locally to serve the tiles. I have been using Terracotta for serving custom tiles,

It is pretty simple and works well.

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