Plotly Tutorials - Emmanuel Katto

Hi All, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I am new to this community. Iโ€™ll start learning with Plotly python. Can someone share tutorials with me how can I start?

Thanks in advance!
Emmanuel Katto

Hey @emmanuelkattouganda, welcome to the forums.

This forum is a great place to learn! @twelsh37 had some articles about getting started with plotly:

If you are interested in dash too, I would recommend @adamschroeder 's channel:

Feel free to create topics here on the forums whenever you need help!

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Thanks for sharing, @AIMPED

:wave: Welcome to the community, @emmanuelkattouganda

Another good resource is the Dash Playlist of video tutorials.

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Thank you @AIMPED for the links. Iโ€™ll definitely check these links.

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