Plotly_relayout separate events

I’m programmatically changing the layout of plotly graph:

var absoluteTime = data.timerMarker;
var minTime = data.minTime;
var maxTime = data.maxTime;

var update = {
    shapes: [{
        type: 'line',
        yref: 'paper',
        x0: absoluteTime,
        y0: -0.1,
        x1: absoluteTime,
        y1: 1.2,
        line: {
            color: 'red',
            width: 1.5,
    xaxis: {range: [minTime, maxTime],
            rangeslider: {}}
Plotly.relayout(this.div, update);

At the same time, I also allow the user to manipulate the graph manually using range slider.

Are there separate events for each of these actions? For now, both of them are generating plotly_relayout event.

Not at the moment, you can try reading the plotly_relayout event data tot determine how Plotly.relayout got invoked - see

Thanks, this is perfect!!