Plotly.offline Scatter plotting 50+ objects with 1000+ frames on animation with slider


I’m trying to scatter plot around 50 objects with (x, y) position in Cartesian coordinate and some data associated with them like if it’s classified as a person or trashcan or other objects, the object’s size, etc. I want to animate this over time with sliders to move back and forth. I’ve tried modifying the example on since exactly the kind of plot I want but the problem is, I have something around +1000 frames since the data is collected around every 0.05 second so 5 seconds of it would be 1000 frames. When I run the code, it’s super slow and usually freezes after several frames. I was wondering if there is a better way to plot this with different module or pre-load data for plotting. This is my first time trying out plotly so any advise or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!