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Plotly.newplot not working with HTML

Plotly.newplot is working fine in my R Studio Viewer, but when I save to HTML it does not work.
I have a heatmap plot and when you click on a cell the columns in the correlation matrix are plotted below the heatmap.

The code I’m using is below.
It seems the problem is when I save the HTML file.

corr <- plot_ly(colors=“RdBu”) %>%
z=~round(cor(rdata), 3)
) %>%
function(el) {
Plotly.d3.json(‘rdata.json’, function(rdata) {
el.on(‘plotly_click’, function(d) {
var x = d.points[0].x;
var y = d.points[0].y;
var trace = {
x: rdata,
y: rdata[y],
mode: ‘markers’
Plotly.newPlot(‘filtered-plot’, [trace]);

withr::with_path(tempdir(), {
jsonlite::write_json(as.list(rdata), “rdata.json”)
html <- tagList(corr, tags$div(id = ‘filtered-plot’))
save_html(html, “index.html”)
if (interactive()) servr::httd()

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong ?

Many Thanks.