Plotly.min.js Always Display Data

I am fairly new to Plotly.min.js. The chart I am using is a line graph with a simple Y as values, and X as dates. When the user hovers over a data point it displays the data. My Goal is to pass into the layout or configuration of this chart a true or false to display all of the data as if they were being hovered over at all times.

I’ve seen hovermode as a layout option, but that either displays the data when hovered or not at all. I’m currently away from my work station so I can’t display any code as of right now.

In the image below you can see that I have hovered over a data point and it shows the data. I would like all of the data values be displayed as if they were all being hovered over all at once.

The javascript chart is broken up like this. What function should I place within the chart to display all data labels of the chart?

$ctrl.chart = {
traces: [

layout: {
//hovermode: true/false didn't achieve what I wanted

config: {


Hi @damorgan!

If I understand you correctly, what you want is all the points to be labelled all the time, right? In that case, what you should change is the mode argument of traces to mode:"lines+markers+text", not the hovermode of the layout. I’m more familiar with than plotly.js, but I think labelling is the way to go (instead of changing the hover mode). Here is the documentation regarding how to change labelling in plotly.js: [Text and annotations with JavaScript]

I hope this helped!