Plotly.js BoxPlot fails to display proper name when using '#' character?

I’ve gotten my BoxPlot to work properly for weeks now, usually the name for each boxPlot is one long string without any special characters. Now I have a new Box with name “# 03” and now this has caused the names to be replaced by index numbers instead of their string names, which as you can see in the dev console are actually given. Is there a reason for this? Can I not use # or special characters in the name, or can i not have a space?

Thanks in advance for any help

Thanks for the report.

This is indeed a bug. I’d recommend subscribing to for the latest development info.

The current behavior turns out to be the intended one (but also confusing unfortunately).

Here’s what you need to do to get the desired graph:

For a complete explanation of why this is happening see

Thanks again for posting!