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Plotly js and Parallel Coordinates/Plots

I’m struggling to develop a parallel plot with plotly js.
I cannot find anything similar among the example plots provided in the web site.
Basically I’d like to have the same result as this example developed in D3.
Does anyone know how to do it? Otherwise the only chance is to use directly D3

Thank you very much

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Docs for parallel coordinate plots with plotly.js can now be found here:

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That’s a great example. Is there a way to trigger an event on the d3 brush events to determine the highlighted lines and what the selected limits are for each axis?

Yes you can subscribe to events like on other plots, in this case the plotly_restyle event, here’s an example:

  1. open and open the dev console
  2. grab one of the magenta sliders, move it and then release it
  3. watch console to show output (undefined dimensions mean no constraint set)
  4. see the subscription to ‘plotly_restyle’ in the JS code snippet