Plotly graphs of the same file render differently (or not at all) depending on the file location

Dear all,

I have just started using Plotly to replace Highcharts.js for a piece of software we develop (many thanks by the way for developing Plotly as an open source package!). During development, the sample plots looked all fine on Chrome (on a Windows machine) and Safari (MacBook Pro), but now that I hosted a sample report on our Institute website, one of the reports is only a few millimetres big:

If opened locally, or from a different server, the very same file looks perfectly fine:

If you do a wget of that file from different servers, and do diff on them, the files are absolutely identical, which led us to believe that it somehow must be a browser related issue. Interestingly, when the file was open from different locations a Chrome incognito tab opened the files at a different start size (same monitor, same browser, just a new tab).
I also tried out Internet Explorer, on which the deduplication plot looked fine, but now the very first bargraph on the page was missing:

I was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on what I could do to fix these issues? In case it is useful for someone, the code is available here: (plotly_template.tpl).

Many thanks for your help!