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Plotly.graph_objs is deprecated?

I’m trying to run this example but i keep getting those errors. How can i fix this?

plotly.graph_objs.Line is deprecated.
Please replace it with one of the following more specific types
  - plotly.graph_objs.scatter.Line
  - plotly.graph_objs.layout.shape.Line
  - etc.

plotly.graph_objs.ErrorY is deprecated.
Please replace it with one of the following more specific types
  - plotly.graph_objs.scatter.ErrorY
  - plotly.graph_objs.histogram.ErrorY
  - etc.

Hi @Sile,

These are warnings that shouldn’t be causing exceptions that stop the example from running. But to get rid of the warnings the easiest thing in this case is to replace the deprecated classes with dict instances. So in, replace Line with dict and ErrorY with dict

Hope that helps!

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I just upgraded to 3.0.0 from 2.0.0 and it literally broke everything I had built in plotly. My program crashed and I got 100 deprecation warnings. I spent 5 hours going object by object changing them to the preferred ones and just gave up and reverted back to 2.0.0.

Right from plotly release notes:
“At Plotly, we take backwards compatibility pretty seriously…you’re not required to use these higher level objects”

This is a game breaking bug that will ruin thousands of users front ends.

Hi @gtg489p,

If you have questions about how to port certain patterns in your code to version 3 feel free to start a new thread to discuss them. And if you have suggestions for additional functions/methods that would make the transition experience easier, feel free to open a request at