Plotly go.Table

I have several question about the plotly go.Table object.

  1. I want to have tables with header but also vertical header description for something like a confusion matrix. Is this possible?

  2. I put two tables in a VBox. But also both tables are only have one column there is much space between them. I also tried to put in a third object. and have both of the tables in a seperate VBox with the layout.height=20%, but then the tables are not visible anymore.

3.Is it possible to have a vertical table, as compromiss if 1) not possible yet.

4.How can I exactly control cells width and height?

Hi @Varlor,

No, it’s not possible to create a horizontal table. Have you considered using an annotated heatmap ( These are probably better suited for something like a confusion matrix.


@jmmease Ah thats a great idea, i will test it!