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Plotly ggplot stacked bar chart disappear when legend is clicked

I’m not sure why but my stacked bar chart disappears instead of falling to the axis when the legend is clicked. I’ve attached a screenshot of the example that I copied from the plotly website and the code are as follows:


DF <- read.table(text="Rank F1     F2     F3
1    500    250    50
2    400    100    30
3    300    155    100
4    200    90     10", header=TRUE)

DF1 <- melt(DF, id.var="Rank")

p <- ggplot(DF1, aes(x = Rank, y = value, fill = variable)) +
  geom_bar(stat = "identity")

p <- ggplotly(p)

Can someone assist me on this? I would like to use ggplotly instead of plot_ly as I need to render charts into .docx using rmarkdown.