Plotly Gantt legend with images and interactivity


I’d love to use Plotly’s Gantt chart feature to create a sort of timeline to help my globally-distributed team understand timezones better. I would prefer to do this in JavaScript so I can build a web app, but Python would be OK too.

I have a few questions. Is it possible:

  1. to put an image on a Gantt chart element, and/or in the legend (I’d like to have the faces of team members)?
  2. for an element to have a gradient/multiple colours (I’d like to represent different parts of their day in different colours)?
  3. to have an interactive filter option so you can add/remove people, and possibly even search by keywords for more people to add (I’d like people to be able to see who is online at a given time who knows about certain topics)?
  4. for the x-axis to be in hours?
  5. to have an interactive legend, with e.g. a couple of clickable links?

Essentially, I’d like it to look a bit like this, but with people’s names on the left, and ideally their faces somewhere on their timeline/in the legend for their timeline:

Please let me know your thoughts—thanks so much!