Plotly Figure Factory subplots

I am using python 2.7 and plotly version 3.3.0.
I am trying to run an example from the documentation to create subplots of figure factory figures (

When running the first example it gives an error:
AttributeError: ‘Layout’ object has no attribute ‘xaxis2’

Can someone please have a look.
Many thanks

Hi @bobim,
It looks like this tutorial hasn’t been update to version 3 yet. I opened a documentation issue here

Here are a few things to update (this might not be everything but hopefull it gets you a bit further)

  1. Assign an empty dict to xaxis2 properties before calling .update
fig2.layout.xaxis2 = {}
fig2.layout.xaxis2.update({'anchor': 'y2'})

fig2.layout.yaxis2 = {}
fig2.layout.yaxis2.update({'anchor': 'x2', 'domain': [0, .45]})
  1. Replace with += operator
# +=

Hope that helps!