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Plotly dash web access log

Dear All,
I’ve setup a dash server. I need to record the access log of the dash server, including access ip, user, which operation (clicks) a user has due. currently I found that if I disabled the debug mode. it can only see the similar rough logs but no infomation I needed. Does anyone happens to know how to setup the dash so that I can see the new detail information? I attach a few lines of logs fyi.

" - - [10/Jun/2020 05:49:54] “^[[36mGET /assets/style.css?m=1586792275.0 HTTP/1.1^[[0m” 304 - - - [10/Jun/2020 05:49:54] “^[[37mGET /_dash-component-suites/dash_renderer/react@16.8.6.min.js?v=1.0.0&m=1587713458 HTTP/1.1^[[0m” 200 - - - [10/Jun/2020 05:49:54] “^[[37mGET /_dash-component-suites/dash_renderer/prop-types@15.7.2.min.js?v=1.0.0&m=1587713458 HTTP/1.1^[[0m” 200 -

any reply is highly appreciated.