Plotly Dash - Dropdown Menu to Change y-axis of Bar chart

I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question but I’ve been trying to solve this for hours with no luck and could really use some help. I have a data set that I’m trying to create a bar chart for using plotly dash. The bar charts x-axis remains the same but I’d like to change the y-axis based on a selection from a drop-down menu. Here is my current code:

app.layout = html.Div(children=[
dcc.Dropdown(id = ‘drop_down’, options=[
{‘label’: ‘Total Prisoner Count’, ‘value’: ‘TPC’},
{‘label’: ‘Total Violent Crimes’, ‘value’: ‘TVC’},
{‘label’: ‘Total Murder Crimes’, ‘value’: ‘TMC’},
{‘label’: ‘Total Robbery Crimes’, ‘value’: ‘TROC’},
{‘label’: ‘Total Assault Crimes’, ‘value’: ‘TAC’},
], value = ‘TPC’) ,
dcc.Graph(id = ‘bar_chart’),

dash.dependencies.Output(‘bar_chart’, ‘figure’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(‘drop_down’, ‘value’)]
def updateBar(selected_yaxis):
if selected_yaxis == ‘TPC’:
df = mod_data_2016[mod_data_2016[‘selected_yaxis’] == selected]
fig =[‘jurisdiction’], y = mod_data_2016[‘prisoner_count’])
fig =[‘jurisdiction’], y = mod_data_2016[‘state_population’])
return fig

if name == ‘main’:

I’m currently just trying to get one selection to work since the others don’t really matter if I can’t even get one.
The current code does not produce anything. I know I’m missing code, however when trying to look at plotly examples, I am unable to figure out what I need. Any help would be really appreciated