Plotly/Dash deploy showing different text family on other computers

Hello everyone!

I made a dashboard with several charts in plotly and by the plotly code I set the font family text of all charts (titles, labels etc) to be “Montserrat”.

In that same Dashboard I grouped some charts and placed titles on top of the groupings and by css style I also placed these titles with the font “Montserrat”.

I deployed it through Google Cloud and when I open the URL on my computer everything is perfect and the text font family is right.

The problem is that when I share the URL link with other people and when they open the Dashboard on other computers the text of the whole page (including the graphs and the grouped titles) changes from Montsserat to the default plotly font family text (I think it’s Open Sans)

I thought this problem wouldn’t occur since the Montsserat font family is downloaded on my computer and the Dash code is also on my computer.

Is there a way to be able to show this font to anyone accessing my online dashboard?

Hello @ytex,

Welcome to the community!

Since you are not providing the font in a link on the website, (via a style), the website have the fallback of Open Sans.

Yours is looking properly because you’ve downloaded it.

To fix this, you’ll need to do something like this in the dash:

app = Dash(__name__, external_stylesheet=['link to web font'])