Plotly chart unbind all events for no reason on Plotly.relayout

I’m using scatter chart to display vibration measurement results. On chart creation, there are several events bound to the chart (‘plotly_hover’,‘plotly_unhover’,‘plotly_click’,‘plotly_doubleclick’). Almost all events, as part of the action content, call Plotly.relayout method which I’m using to manage with annotations and, in some cases, set xaxis range.
There are cases when, after some of the events (mostly on plotly_click event), for no reason all previously bounded events are unbind. There is no specific pattern that I can defined when this issue happens, all I can notice is that it appears after Plotly.relayout method.
As I’ve mention there is no rule, scenario, pattern, when this appear. There are cases when all is working perfectly for a period of time, but there are cases when right after first “plotly_click”, all other events are gone.

Does any of of you have experience with this kind of situation?

Thanks in advance,