Plotly Calplot New Features + Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the latest release of Plotly Calplot, which comes with some new features and fixes to enhance your experience. Here are the details:

New Features:

  1. Plot all years as columns via the years_as_columns: bool = False parameter. For more information, please refer to issue #15.

  2. Add min and max colormap controls via the cmap_min: Optional[float] = None and cmap_max: Optional[float] = None parameters. Please see issue #18 for more details.

  3. Add an option to only show selected months via the start_month: int = 1 and end_month: int = 12 parameters. Please refer to issue #19 for more information.


  1. Changed the default min colormap value to min column value. Please see issue #17 and #18 (comment) for more details.
  2. Part 1 of issue #16 is dealt with in this release.
  3. Parts 2 and 3 of issue #16 are not addressed yet, but they are next in line.

I hope that these new features and fixes will make your experience with our software even better. As always, please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

Project code github repo

Thank you!


Awesome library. Thanks for sharing, @brunorosilva

What drove you all to make this package?