Plotly 3D scatter grid/axis with dates has a weird offset

Hey everyone:

I’m plotting quite a few datapoints (1441 to be exact), but the time axis and its grid (along the z direction) is way off. Even though it looks displaced for some reason, the other axes are ok, so I guess it’s a date formatting issue. In fact,I tried using a list of numbers (from 1 to 1441) instead of dates and the problem went away, but that’s kind of an awful solution lmao

As you can see, the date entries are standard ‘2000-12-01 00:00:00’, but I’m using tickformat: ‘%H:%M’ so the time tick looks like ‘00:00’. Axis type is set to ‘date’.

I tried setting the time range manually, initial tick0 and dtick, but the problem is still there.

Is this a known issue?

Here is the pen: