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Plotly 1 issues

I’m having trouble using Plotly1 to produce graphs. Do I just need to switch everything over to Plotly2?

Can I make multiple lines of fit on Plotly 2 if I have multiple sets of data?

Hello, have you checked out our tutorials page? Plotly 1 tutorials are at the bottom. We’ll be phasing out Plotly 2, so you should get acquainted with the new workspace!

Subplots and multiple axes feature was recently added to the workspace, but it’s being improved so watch out for that!

In the meantime, once you’ve opened your workspace here:https://plot.ly/alpha/workspace/, add your data and choose your chart type. Click on GRAPH on the left-hand side to add the values to your plot by filling out the X and Y dropdown to create the plot.
Once you’ve added your first trace, click the blue ‘+Trace’ button on the right-hands side of the panel to add another. Once that new trace tab opens, click on ‘Subplot and Multiple Axes’.
This will open a section where you can select an arrangement for your subplot. This arrangement is specifically for that trace. You can have them stacked, side-by-side, or as an inset. Choose one and click CONFIRM.
Then repeat until you have all your desired values on your plot. Play around with you plot until you get it the way you want.