Plot_ly extract traces

Once you have created a plotly plot in R via:

stable_plot <- plot_ly(calcRelAnchorTest(input$anchor_nodeTest),x=~get(x_label), y=~get(y_label), type=‘scatter’, mode=‘markers+lines’, name=input$anchor_nodeTest)

Is it possible to extract the traces from the “stable_plot” object? Is there a definition for what this object contains or perhaps another way to go about doing this?

I just want to change the graph’s x and y axis but get data for the new graph using the trace previously used. Thus, I need a way to extract the current traces in the plot.



Hey @prateek.mohan1

To look at what it contains use plotly_json(p)

You can use plotly_build() so something like:

p <- plotly_build()

You can modify other attributes of the trace with the style() function too

or if you mean from an online graph you can use get requests

Thanks bcd, that’s perfect! I’ll look through this structure for the data that I need.