Plot graphs from .csv files

Hello! I am trying to plot graphs based on the two first columns of a .csv file (they don’t have names, software export directly values). As you can guess, I have many .csv files from my lab equipment and if I can make it automatically it would be wonderful.

Thanks for your help!

Example of line : 1,β€œ268,677”,β€œg”,β€œ16/09/2021 16:01:54”,"","","","","","",β€œAE9VK177”

The Plotly library was created to plot the data from a dataframe or list or any python (or R, Julia, Matlab, JS) form of data storage. For this reason you need to collect your data first and then you can plot them. The first thing you need to do is an iretation of all your csv files to get them in a dataframe (for + append) and then plot them with the plotly library.