Plan to introduce playsinline attribute to html.Video?

Is there any plan to add the playsinline attribute to html.Video? I am trying to get a html.Video to play with autoplay / loop set but I am fairly certain mobile does not recognize autoplay due to cellular network usage …

Hi @matt1

You could open an issue for this in GitHub. Also, if you (or anyone else) would like to do the PR, I could help. I know how to add props, but I don’t have much experience with using html.Video, so I’d like to have someone to try it out before it’s merged.

Another option is to try the dash-player component: GitHub - plotly/dash-player: Dash Component wrapping React-Player

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Thanks for the response.

I’ll try out the dash-player and let you know if it works. I’ll get back to you

Sorry for the long “I’ll get back to you”

I opened up a PR (#2338) on dash github.
I think I made the necessary changes in the code to add a new attribute

Apologies for not doing any testing. I haven’t done any testing yet, per my issue highlighted here:

Since my last message, dash-player has matured substantially, so maybe I end up just going with that…