Pie chart hover info text color

im using chrome, i try to change pie chart hoverinfo text color, but i dont see it changing in chrome, where as in firefx im able to see that

See https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/mxorjW?editors=0010

and https://plot.ly/javascript/reference/#pie-hoverlabel for more style options.

I also have an issue with horizontal bar graphs, were initially the plot is loading correctly, but if i click on autosave or some other button, the graph resizes a bit and increses in size moving the left ticks out of container div.

hello etienne,

its been long time, but i tried the solution for the pie chart, which do not seem to work properly. I see the color getting changed but it is displayed as a blurred out color for me. take a look at itpie

by the way the color i wanted to display is white, you can see it like white but blurred out. This problem only occurs in chrome, if i am in firefox, i see crystal clear white text.

Still having the issue, is there a way to increase opacity of hover text fields?