Persistance feature security

I am using dcc.Input with Persistance=“True” to auto-populate dcc.Inputs with the same ’ id ’ on a multipage dash app. My understanding that Persistance uses Client-Side storage and can be a security concern if someone accesses the browser. Is there some possible way to encrypt dcc.Input ? for use with Persistance if the input information is sensitive?

Hello @romarcin,

If you are concerned about this, then you may consider utilizing your own method of this, in which you encrypt the data in a dcc.Store.

Basically, the server has the key and will decrypt it in order to pass the value back to the component.

Based upon value input you send the updated encrypted data to the store, upon id of the input component you pull data from the store in a decrypted state on the server and pass to the value.

Storing both the key and the encrypted data on the client side would not be wise either.

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