Pattern-Matching Callbacks - clickdata - fire only once

I have 4 figures with id composed as follow:

id={‘index’: i, ‘type’: ‘graph_strategies_deltas’})

I use pattern-matching callbacks on theses figures setup like this:

The click on the figures fires only once and all further clicks are ignored. As you can see here below on the figure the clickdata for each figure are held in an list of 4 positions.

Is this a bug or when using pattern matching i have to take a other approach ?

The issue happend on a MacBookAir with the dash version 2.12.1

Has some else faced such an issue with the Pattern-Matching Callbacks ?


that’s the expected behavior. By clicking one of the figures, the callback is fired with the corresponding clickData from that figure.

What could be the content of the clickData of a figure that hasn’t been clicked?

According to the figure here below I have 4 graphs that can send clickdata. The issue is that once an event has fired for a graph it doesn’t fire anymore despite further clicks on the same graph. The expected behaviour for me would be that an event fires up for each click on the graph.

I can’t check this behaviour right now, but you can add an output to your callback addressing the clickData property an reset it returning {} as it does not reset automatically.

I have an MRE on my Github where I had to do this.

Thanks for the hint.
Returning {} didn’t work for me, i had to set to None for each clickdata placeholder in the list graph_strategies_deltas_clickdata.
like this:
[clickData if clickData == None else None for clickData in graph_strategies_deltas_clickdata]

Glad you figured it out. I think the empty dict was for resetting the relayoutData…