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Pattern matching callback on datatables / dynamic accordion build up

I want to create a accordion like data viewing setup. Collapse · Bootstrap

I can do this by building separate parts (card header and card body).
This card body then contains the data in a datatable.

So far so good, this works.

I would also like to have a dropdown on every line, so modify the data. Dash datatables have this baked in.

But here comes the catch, I want to store the data into a db or flatfile.
I’ve added submit button, and got this to work for simple datatables.
However, I don’t know how the incoming data looks like (or better phrased, how many accordion blocks I need to make).
I have build a simple loop to build the necessary list of elements.
But in the callback I need to collect all earlier mentioned datatables.

Pattern matching would be nice, however this doesn’t’t work for datatables :-S.

I also hate the fact that I need to use a loop to build all elements.

What would be the best way to go forward?