Pattern Match callback ALL and MATCH

I have the following situation. I have a modal dialog with buttons. Each button opens and fill a accordion region with content. And i have a close button for the modal dialog which close the modal dialog and should clean up any accordion regions content by setting it to None. The goal: I want as less network transfer as possible. At the moment i have a callback which has the State of every accordion region and put them to the Output. This has a high network tranfer with more and more accordion buttons i open. I think i can solve this with pattern match callbacks. But the problem seems to be the close button because it needs all the accordions region as outputs to clean them. I found this topic: Pattern-matching callbacks: can you combine MATCH and ALL? to combine match and Alll but i think its not what i need. So my question is: How can i have a pattern match callback which has only the specific button id as input and the specific accorion region as output but all accordion outputs when i press close button ?

Example How the callbacks are implemented now without cleaning the accordion Content by clicking close button:

            [Output("modalHeader", 'children'),
             Output('modal', 'is_open')],
            [Input("dataTable", 'active_cell'),
             Input("close", "n_clicks")],
            [State("index", 'children'),
             State("modal", "is_open"),
             State("currentSite", "data"),
        def openModal(table,close,index,is_open,currentSite):
            ctx = dash.callback_context
            if not ctx.triggered:
                raise PreventUpdate
            objId = ''
            if ctx.trigger.component == 'dataTable':
                objId = active_cell['row_id']
            elif ctx.trigger.component == 'close':
            return objId, not modalOpen

            Output({'role': 'accordionContent', 'index': MATCH}, 'children'),
            Output({'role': 'accordionCollapse', 'index': MATCH}, 'is_open'),
            Input({'role': 'accordionButton', 'index': MATCH}, "n_clicks"),
            [State({'role': 'accordionContent', 'index': MATCH}, 'children'),
             State({'role':   'accordionCollapse', 'index': MATCH}, 'is_open'),
            State({'role': 'accordionButton', 'index': MATCH}, 'children'),
             State('output', 'children'),State('currentSite', 'data'),
             State('modalHeader', 'children')])
        def triggerAccordion(n_clicks, content,is_open, buttonName, table, index, currentID):
            ctx = dash.callback_context
            if not ctx.triggered:
                raise PreventUpdate
            if content is None:
                content = calculateContent(buttonName, table, currentID)
            return content, not is_open

To make the question clearer: Is it possible to have a callback that receive Match calllbacks and send match outputs to components(index:MATCH), but send to all components (index:β€˜ALL’) in specific cases?

I think you will have to use ALL and then implement the logic corresponding to the MATCH case in the callback itself.