Passing Parameters in Multi-Page App

I’m trying to create a multi-page app, which allows the user to display and edit data from a database. Until now, I have one page that lists all the data from one table in a dash_html_components.html table and now I want to implement a button in my last column for every row which will redirect me to another page in which I can edit the data of the specific row. I’m aware I could perhaps use dash-table-experiments to edit the data on the spot for this specific example, but at one point the site is also meant to access data from other tables by passing a foreign key in the data-row.

The problem I am facing now is that I’m not sure how to use the Inputs and Outputs if I’ve split my pages to separate files, as shown in the docs. I get the idea of navigating between pages, but how do I access the id of a component in a different file if thats where the Output of my function is meant to go to? I’m not sure if I’m clearly missing something, as I’m quite new to this topic.

dash is great at things that it is made for - to share interactive data visualizations with web. i think its not a good idea to write user’s input to database throw dash because users input is a complex thing itself that need validation and so on. ofcourse you can to realise it but its kinda like to eat soup with a fork instead of a spoon imho.