Parseing ctx.inputs into valid json

ctx_msg = json.dumps (
{“inputs”: ctx.inputs,}, indent=2 )

“inputs”: {
name"}.value”: “admin-1”,

phone"}.value”: “000-000-000”,

account- n"}.value”: “780”

Would like to save “inputs” to valid json dict format i.e. index, type, value or maybe am missing something.
Python 3.8.10

current me if I am wrong but you want each dictionary inside the leading dictionary to also be a JSON object right?
notice that the dictionaries of each input of the pattern matching are a string and not dictionary objects. so in order to convert them to JSON objects you first need to convert them to a dictionary object

Also, you will probably have to build a formatting function because the id consists of the id the .property will give u a hard time you will have to think about a way to handle it.

Thanks for attention. So far it seems like matched index number would be a key since same index number represents a prop_id and values could be dict or list representing the set of values of each prop.
i.e. may have this input where (json.dump(ctx.inputs, f, ensure_ascii=False, indent=4)) on Ubuntu 20.04 yield:
“{"index":1,"type":"dynamic-output-name"}.value”: “name data-1”,
“{"index":2,"type":"dynamic-output-name"}.value”: “name data-2”,
“{"index":1,"type":"dynamic-output-phone"}.value”: “phone number data-1”,
“{"index":2,"type":"dynamic-output-phone"}.value”: “phone number data-2”,
“{"index":1,"type":"dynamic-output-account-n"}.value”: “account number data-1”,
“{"index":2,"type":"dynamic-output-account-n"}.value”: “account number data-2”

Would become:
{1 : [name data-1, phone number data-1, account number data-1] }
{2 : [name data-2, phone number data-2, account number data-2] }