Page Layout - Please help

Hi all

I’m attaching some pictures, this was done using flash+render_template with a dashboard.html
Dashboard html is basically a set of nested tables, with the rows and columns from from {{ value }} and {{ i in iResultset }} arrays.

Trying redo this using Dash table objects. so far have not been able to figure out how to embed dash graphs in a render_template call inside my html page,

Everything I’m seeing implies me this goes into the app.layout in my app itself.

Any chance someone can look at the attached images and help with the python code how to do this, a bit with my back against the wall as far as time is concerned, have to either deliver the flask =>table version or a dash on Monday.
Note TopA TopB and TopC is suppose to be next to each other (there might come a TopD, on the far right).


Next 3 diagrams Show the Top bar with TopA (at the top, in blue)
TopB (in the middle) row at the moment, but suppose to be to the right of TopA
TopC (at the bottom) row at the moment, but suppose to be on the far right, same row as TopA and TopB.

TopC is actually 2 tables next to each other, each with 3 values.

Showing bottom row, with 3 tables left, middle and right,
Each table is coming from a differs query/result set.