Overlay Scatter plot over a table

Hi All,

I am looking for a method visualise the Active points in a lookup table. I want to have a table which maps of X and Y input to a output value. Now I want to visualise a time series data of the generated output overlayed over the table to realise which part of the look up table is active at that instant.

Any lead in this regard, will be greatly appreciated.

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Attachement - Shows a typical representation, I wish to relaise in plotly. The blue dots represents active mapped output from the look up table.

Hi @Nithintito welcome to the forums.

Could you please explain again what you are trying to do? Are you able to provide a MRE?

Hi @AIMPED , I am still looking for ideas to implement a scatter plot over the table.

I am thinking of using akveo/ngx-admin which has overlapping charts possible https://www.akveo.com/ngx-admin/pages/dashboard. I am still working on testing this code. Will update if this method work.