Output dynamic set of Components to dynamic set of Tabs

On user input, my app does the following:

  1. logs into server
  2. gets Data
  3. generates a Tabs component with a Tab for each value of a list of values from the Data

Now, I want to execute the next step for each Tab and update tab-specific set of figures:

  1. populate each Tab with a set of Figures which are tab-specific and are generated from the Data

What is the proper way of doing this? Should this be done with another chained Callback, or a normal function and how should the Data be passed between functions given that its generation is computationally expensive?

PS: Dynamic callback generation for each tab may not be good as it is suggested here, since I would need to pass large quantity of data to each generated callback.

The current code looks like:

app = dash.Dash()

def generate_tabs(available_segments):
    tabs_html = []
    for segment in available_segments:
        tabs_html.append(dcc.Tab(id = segment, label=segment, children=[
    return tabs_html

app.layout = html.Div([   
                dcc.Input(id='username-input', type='text', placeholder='Username'),
                dcc.Input(id='password-input', type='password', placeholder='Password'),
                html.Button('Login', id='login-button')

# 1. Login, get data and generate layout  
    [dash.dependencies.Output('tabs', 'children')],
    [dash.dependencies.Input('login-button', 'n_clicks')],
    [dash.dependencies.State('username-input', 'value'), 
     dash.dependencies.State('password-input', 'value')],
def main_callback(button_clicks, uname, passw):
    [segments, data] = login_and_get_data(uname,passw)
    figures = generate_figures(segments,data)   
    return generate_tabs(segments)

# 2. Populate layout - For each segment: Output to plot{i}-segment using the generated figures
    [dash.dependencies.Output('plot1-{}'.format(segment), 'figure'),
     dash.dependencies.Output('plot2-{}'.format(segment), 'figure')],
    [dash.dependencies.Input("""execute when called by the main_callback""")],
    [dash.dependencies.State("""figures and segments - from main_callback""")]
def populate_figures(button_clicks, uname, passw):
#    For each segment output respective figures to respective ids
if __name__ == '__main__': app.run_server(debug=True)

I am new to dash and has came across situation where I want the to create a tab for each element in list and then display graphs for each tabs. The length of list may vary. I was wandering if you were able to implement it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.